From youtube, Yuko Ogura's movie .
It's "Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko ".
She is really cute!

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Yuko Ogura(Ogura Yūko?, born November 1, 1983 in Mobara, Chiba) is a Japanese idol and model who typically aims for the cute, innocent schoolgirl look.
In Japan, she is mostly called by her nickname, Yūkorin.

Ogura regularly, if not entirely seriously, claims to be one "Princess Apple-Momoka" of the apple-shaped planet Korin .
This is apparently an in-joke dating back to her middle school days.
Having an alternate name was trendy at one point, and one of her friends told her that she looked like a Momoka.
She liked the name and still uses it today.

She is known outside of Japan for her song "Onna no Ko♥Otoko no Ko (Girls♥Boys)" which is the ending theme of the anime School Rumble.

Yuko Ogura's movie is here