Have fun the Christel Takigawa's movie which is from youtube.
She is beautiful TV announcer.

<Christel Takigawa's profile (from Wikipedia)>

Takigawa Lardux Christel Masami (Takigawa Rarudhu Kurisuteru Masami?, born October 1, 1977, Paris), commonly known as Christel Takigawa (Takigawa Kurisuteru?) is a Japanese TV announcer and TV News presenter.
In TV presentation, her name is usually abbreviated as Christel Takigawa.
The four-syllable abbreviation Taki-Kuri is also in popular use among her fans.

Takigawa Lardux Christel Masamiwas born in Paris, France.
Her father is French, and mother is Japanese.
Her family moved to Japan when she was three years old.
After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama High School, she attended the College of Literature in Aoyama Gakuin University.

Christel Takigawa's movie is here