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She is a very beautiful model in Japan .
She is the most popular model in Japan.

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Yuri Ebihara (Ebihara Yuri?, born October 3, 1979 in Sadowara, Miyazaki Prefecture) is a Japanese model and actress.
She is a graduate of Kyushu Sangyo University, where she studied fine arts.

Her first big break came as a model for CanCam, with whom she had an exclusive contract.
She has since appeared in several TV dramas, most recently "Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi" (2007).
She also works as a model for advertising campaigns and recently for the film FinePix range of digital cameras.

Widely known by her nickname "Ebi-chan", she is especially popular with young men and women.
She has been quoted as saying, "If someone doesn't find me cute, I want to know why, because then I'll work on it to get better at being cute".

Yuri Ebihara has a twin sister named Eri Ebihara as well as a younger brother.

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