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It's Japanese drama .
She is a great Japanese actress and idol .

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Rosa Kato (Kato Rosa?, born June 22, 1985, in Naples, Italy) is a half-Italian and half-Japanese actress and full-time commercial model.

Kato has been appearing in a large string of TV commercials even before venturing to the field of acting.
She became popular after having done the TV commercial for Zxy because of her unique brown eyes.

Most of the TV advertisements and commercials of Kato are usually colorful and lively.
She had done an ice cream commercial and a lipstick commercial.
However, the TV advertisement that brought her to fame was her commercial for the bridal magazine.

Later in 2005, she started to appear in Japanese television dramas in supporting roles.
A year later, she bagged the Best Newcomer Award for her performance in the Japanese television drama, Dance Drill from the most prominent entertainment magazine in Japan, Television.

She was finally able to star in her own drama two years after her television breakthrough on 2005.
Her drama, Jotei, where she starred alongside Hana Yori Dango star, Matsuda Shota was unfortunately a minor success in Tokyo yet a satisfactory hit in the Kansai region.

She is also a regular onItalian language study program.

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