From youtube , Ryoko Hirosue's movie .
She is a very popular and beautiful Japanese actress .

<Ryoko Hirosue's profile(From Wikipedia)>

Ryoko Hirosue (Hirosue Ryōko?, born July 18, 1980) is a Japanese actress and pop star, best known in the West for her role in the Luc Besson-produced Wasabi.
Hirosue made her television debut in 1995 at the age of 15.
More prominent roles made her way the following year when she co-starred with Takuya Kimura Long Vacation which swept the 9th Television Drama Academy Awards (Japan) with 10 wins including the award for "Best Drama".
She was also named "Best Newcomer" at the 10th Television Drama Academy Awards the same year when she starred comedy series, Shota no Sushi.
In 1997, she appeared in the finalé of medical drama, Hoshi no Kinka and the special episode of Odoru Daisousasen before making her breakthrough performance, Beach Boys, where she was awarded "Best Supporting Actress" at the 14th Television Drama Academy Awards.
Hirosue also made her film debut in the same year when she appeared in 20-seki Nostalgia .
She was awarded the Sponichi Grand Prize New Talent Award at the Mainichi Film Awards, Best New Talent at the Yokohama Film Festival and perhaps most importantly, the Newcomer of the Year award at the 21st Japanese Academy Awards.

In 1998, Hirosue reprised her role in the special episode of Beach Boys while also appearing in four other television dramas in the same year.
In 1999, she returned to the big screen in Poppoya and Himitsu.
Her performances in both films won her much praise from award-giving bodies of Japan and she received two nominations at the 23rd Japanese Academy Awards for Best Actress (for Himitsu) and Best Supporting Actress (for Poppoya).
Her international profile also increased when she received the Best Actress prize for her performance in Himitsu at the 30th Catalonian International Film Festival.

She returned prominently to television in 2000 playing Yuki Katase in the drama, Summer Snow, which won 5 awards at the 26th Television Drama Academy Awards including "Best Supporting Actress" and "Best Drama" before showing off her comedic chops .
The latter role again won her "Best Supporting Actress" at the 27th awards ceremony.

Ryoko Hirosue's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube , Erika Sawajiri's video .
This is Erika Sawajiri's gravure movie shot .
She is really cute idol .

<Erika Sawajiri's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Erika Sawajiri (Sawajiri Erika?, born April 8, 1986 in Nerima, Tokyo) is a Japanese actress, model, and musician.
Her alias in her music career was Kaoru Amane, but she has recently started her own project under the name Erika.
She is currently affiliated with her record label as formerly Kaoru Amane and later Erika, and Stardust Promotion for her talent agency as her real name, Erika Sawajiri,

Erika was born to a Japanese father and mother who is of Algerian-French and Japanese descent[citation needed] and is the youngest of three brothers and sisters.
Her father owned sixteen racehorses, including the horse, Edonokoban (Edonokoban?).
Her mother managed a Mediterranean restaurant and Erika sometimes helped with it.
Erika has been horseback riding since she was a child.

In 1999, Erika passed the Stardust audition after graduating from elementary school.
She became part of the idol unit Angel Eyes and began modeling for junior fashion magazines such as CUTiE and nicola.
She later won the grand prize for the 2001 Seikore and became a regular on the news program Harajuku Launchers.
In 2002, Erika started her career in film as well as extending her modeling career as a gravure idol.
Her first film was Mondai no nai Watashitachi.

Erika Sawajiri's video is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube , Yoko Kumada's video crip .
Yoko Kumada is a very popular gravure idol in Japan .
And she is good at talking at the variety TV program .
So she is very interesting gravure idol .
She is often called as Kumayo, Yoko-chan, and Kuma-chan

Yoko Kumada's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Yoko Kumada (Kumada Yōko、May 13, 1982) is a Japanese gravure idol and singer originally from Gifu city, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
London Hearts
Akko ni Omakase!
Go on


Yoko Kumada Yo~ko Okiki!(Gifu Broadcasting System etc)
Mitsubishi Fuso presents Yoko Kumada Kaze wo Atsumete

Yoko Kumada's video crip is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube , Rosa Kato's video crip .
It's Japanese drama .
She is a great Japanese actress and idol .

Rosa Kato's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Rosa Kato (Kato Rosa?, born June 22, 1985, in Naples, Italy) is a half-Italian and half-Japanese actress and full-time commercial model.

Kato has been appearing in a large string of TV commercials even before venturing to the field of acting.
She became popular after having done the TV commercial for Zxy because of her unique brown eyes.

Most of the TV advertisements and commercials of Kato are usually colorful and lively.
She had done an ice cream commercial and a lipstick commercial.
However, the TV advertisement that brought her to fame was her commercial for the bridal magazine.

Later in 2005, she started to appear in Japanese television dramas in supporting roles.
A year later, she bagged the Best Newcomer Award for her performance in the Japanese television drama, Dance Drill from the most prominent entertainment magazine in Japan, Television.

She was finally able to star in her own drama two years after her television breakthrough on 2005.
Her drama, Jotei, where she starred alongside Hana Yori Dango star, Matsuda Shota was unfortunately a minor success in Tokyo yet a satisfactory hit in the Kansai region.

She is also a regular onItalian language study program.

Rosa Kato's video is here
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From youtube , Takako Uehara's movie .
This is a TV CM movie .
Really beautiful!

Takako Uehara's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Takako Uehara (Uehara Takako?) (born January 14, 1983) is a Jpop singer.
She was a member of the group, SPEED, which disbanded in 2000.
Uehara was born in Okinawa, Japan.

Uehara is often typecast as the prettiest member of SPEED and ranks among the 'exceptional' female beauties of Japan.
Her highly anticipated first solo single 'My First Love' was released in January 1999, and was produced by legendary Jpop superstar Ryuichi Kawamura (of Luna Sea). "My First Love" was the beginning of a prosperous collaboration between Uehara and Kawamura.
The single itself was very successful and topped the charts selling over 500,000 copies.
The promotional video along with the cover and leaflet photos for 'My First Love' were all shot on location in Hawaii.
Uehara followed up with her second and third singles, 'Come Close to Me' and 'My Greatest Memories'. In July 2000 following the disbandment of SPEED, she became the first member of the group to release a solo album: My First Wing.

After SPEED, Uehara continued with a moderately successful solo career as well as acting in various TV dramas.
Takako is also a highly sought after model endorsing many famous brands .
Her most popular campaign was when she teamed up with Vivian Hsu to promote 'Proud' range of products aimed at the more youthful market.

Takako Uehara's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube , Yui Ichikawa's video .
She is very cute idol .
And she is a popular Japanese gravure idol .

Yui Ichikawa's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Yui Ichikawa (Ichikawa Yui?, born 10 February 1986), is an actress and model from Tokyo, Japan.
She is also known by her nickname, Yui-nyan.
As an actress she has appeared in several dramas (doramas), and in recent years she has concentrated more on her film career.
She played a minor role in the movie Ju-on: The Grudge and reprised her character for a bigger role in the sequel, Ju-on: The Grudge 2.
She has recently portrayed Nana Komatsu (Hachi) in the film adaptation of the famous manga Nana, and on December 18, 2006, Ichikawa and co-star Mika Nakashima came to New York City for the International Premier of NANA 2 at the IFC Center.

Born February 10, 1986 (1986-02-10)
Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Actress, singer, model
Years active 1999-present

Yui Ichikawa's video is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube , Masami Nagasawa's video crip .
She is a cute Japanese idol .
This video shows her beautiful body .

Masami Nagasawa's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Masami Nagasawa(Nagasawa Masami?, born June 3, 1987 in Iwata, Shizuoka) is a Japanese actress working for Toho.
She has performed in many famous movies and television dramas including Crying out Love, In the Center of the World, Nada Sousou,
Dragon Zakura and Proposal Daisakusen. She graduated from Horikoshi High School in 2006.
She is also known as "Ma-chan". She is the daughter of Kazuaki Nagasawa, former manager of the J. League team Júbilo Iwata.

For three consecutive years since 2005, she has been the cover girl for Toho Calendar, which has a history of over 50 years.
In March 2006, she was voted the Most Popular Actress in Oricon Style.
She was also said to be the "top amongst young female movie actresses" according to the movie magazine, Kinema Junpo.
Sanma-san accidentally revealed on a Fuji TV show that he and Nagasawa will star together in a drama series in late 2007, although they are yet to officially announce it
In Summer 2007, Masami was ranked 9th in 2007 Most Influential People In Japan, the order is as follow:Kimura Takuya, Kitano Takeshi, Suzuki Ichiro, Matsui Hideki, Mino Monta, Akashiya Sanma, Katori Shingo, Matsuzaka Daisuke, Nagasawa Masami, Nakai Masahiro, according to magazine Flash.
She is also the only female on the ranking.

Masami Nagasawa's video crip is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube , Yū Aoi's movie .
She is a great actress in Japan .
This video is slide show of Yuu Aoi .

Yuu Aoi's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Yū Aoi (Aoi Yū?, born Yū Natsui Natsui Yū) is a Japanese actress, who was born on August 17, 1985 in Kasuga, Fukuoka, Japan.
She has appeared in numerous movies, including All About Lily Chou-Chou, Hana and Alice and Hula Girls.

She has also won numerous awards, including the prestigious Japan Academy Prize for best supporting actress in 2007, for her portrayal of Kimiko Tanigawa in Hula Girls.

During the same year, she also received both the Blue Ribbon Award and the Yokohama Film Festival award for best actress, both for her performance in Hula Girls and her portrayal of Hagumi Hanamoto in the Honey and Clover live action movie.
She also received the Hochi Film Award, the Kinema Junpo Award and the Mainichi Film Concours for best supporting actress for her performances in Hula Girls, Honey and Clover and Rainbow Song.
She also received the Nikkan Sports Film Award for best new talent for her performance in Hula Girls.

Earlier, in 2005, she had also won the Japanese Professional Movie Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Setsuku (Alice) Arisugawa in Hana and Alice.

Yū Aoi's movie is here
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From youtube , Aya Ueto's movie .
She wears an orange shirts and plays on the beach .
She is very cute idol and actress .
Aya Ueto's movie is at the last of this article.

Aya Ueto's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Aya Ueto (Ueto Aya?) (born September 14, 1985 in Nerima, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese actress, idol and singer.

In 1997, Aya Ueto participated in the 7th All-Japan National Young Beauty contest, where she received a special award from the judges.
Her discovery led to many TV commercial deals, which eventually started her acting career.

In 1999, she formed the J-pop band Z-1 with Mami Nejiki, Mai Fujiya, and Manami Nishiwaki.
They released five singles before breaking up, but Aya went on to start a solo career when she signed with Pony Canyon two years later.
She released her first single, "Pureness," in 2002. It peaked at #4 on the Oricon charts and became the first female artist debut single in 3 years and 3 months to enter the Top 5 since Kyoko Fukada.
Since then, she has released thirteen singles and six albums. Throughout her five year old solo musical career she has collaborated with the likes of Tetsuro Oda, RYOJI (from Ketsumeishi), Toshihiko Takamizawa (from The Alfee), Toko Furuuchi and Suguru Shimabukuro (from Begin).

Aya began her acting career in May 1999 in the movie.
In 2000 she received her first role in a drama, Namida wo Fuite. In 2001, she played a part in Kinpachi-sensei, and her performance greatly boosted her popularity.
She starred in several later dramas, including Koukou Kyoushi 2003, Hitonatsu no Papa e, and Ace o Nerae!.
She also ventured into the big screen in famed film director Ryuhei Kitamura's 2003 blockbuster Azumi and in its sequel,

She is often said to physically resemble Japanese star Momoe Yamaguchi and is widely regarded to be one of the biggest idols in Japan today.
She is often mentioned as a "super idol".
As of 2008, Aya Ueto remains ubiquitous in Japan, appearing constantly on magazines and in commercials.
She is often called the 'low-rating idol', even on some news sites.

On January 28, 2008, SftBank announced that they've collaborated with Tiffany & Co. in making a limited 10 model-only cellphone, which contains more than 400 platinum diamond.
Aya was the girl doing the commercial for SoftBank,

On April 15, 2008, she was crowned CM Queen for a second time (the first being in 2004), raking for her 8 advertisement contracts.

Aya Ueto's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From Youtube , Aya Matsuura's movie .
She is cute singer and idol .
Her video crip is at the last of this article ↓.

<Aya Matsuura's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Aya Matsuura (Matsuura Aya?, born June 25, 1986) is a J-pop artist and actress from Himeji, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan within Hello! Project.

Aya auditioned in 2000 for the 4th Morning Musume & Heike Michiyo Protegee Audition, and was selected along with Sheki-Dol to become a part of what was later known as Hello! Project.
It is a common misconception that Aya originally auditioned to be a part of Morning Musume, which she didn't.
After being chosen from that audition, Aya Matsuura began her solo career.
In time she would become one of Hello! Project's biggest acts.

Aside from a successful solo career, Aya Matsuura (nicknamed Ayaya), has also done numerous collaborations with other members of Hello! Project, including special, usually short lived groups Gomattou with Maki Goto and Miki Fujimoto; Nochiura Natsumi with Maki Goto and Natsumi Abe; and DEF.DIVA with Maki Goto, Natsumi Abe, and Rika Ishikawa.
She's also done the "Folk Song" series which feature Yuko Nakazawa and other Hello! Project artists, as well as Hello! Project's shuffle groups (3-nin Matsuri in 2001, Odoru 11 in 2002, Salt5 in 2003, and the larger H.P. All Stars in 2004).

She has also collaborated with Miki Fujimoto as a duo named GAM that debuted September 2006.
Their first single, "Thanks!" reached the #2 position on the Oricon.

Matsuura has appeared in many commercials for various companies; notably snack foods, color printers.
Currently she also takes part and co-hosts the television show Utawara with other names in Japanese entertainment such as Johnny Jimusho's Jun Matsumoto.

Matsuura starred in the Japanese film Sukeban Deka: Codename = Asamiya Saki opposite Rika Ishikawa, released on September 30, 2006.

Aya Matsuura's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube , Natsumi Abe's movie .
Very cute.
Natsumi Abe's movie is in the last of this article.↓

Natsumi Abe 's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Natsumi Abe (Abe Natsumi?), born August 10, 1981 in Muroran, Hokkaidō, Japan, is a Japanese singer and actress, and a former member of Morning Musume.

Natsumi Abe was born in Muroran, Hokkaidō Prefecture, Japan.
Her nickname is Nacci or Nacchi.
Her younger sister, Asami Abe, is also a J-pop singer.

Abe was one of the first members of the group chosen in 1997.
She was also the lead girl for many of the singles especially before Maki Goto joined, most notable in "Furusato" where all the other girls sang harmonies/back-up only.
Abe has had a few solo songs including the theme for a commercial she was in, and "Otoko Tomodachi" from the album 4th Ikimasshoi!.
She also has lead roles in Morning Musume productions like their play,
Love Century and their movie, Pinch Runner.
Abe also has done quite a bit of acting in television dramas such as Nurseman.

Abe has never been a part of a Morning Musume subgroup but has led each shuffle group she has been in.
She was also the lead of Morning Musume Sakuragumi until her graduation at the end of the Hello! Project Winter tour on January 25, 2004.

She released her first single, "22 Sai no Watashi", on August 13, 2003, just a few days after her 22nd birthday.
Her first full length CD was released shortly afterwards, containing many solo versions of Morning Musume songs.

At one time, Abe was the most popular member of Morning Musume, and many songs featured her as a lead singer.
However, it wasn't until the summer of 2003 that Abe officially went solo.
She graduated not too long after that, in the early winter of 2004, to continue on with her solo career.
She continued to release more singles while actively participating in other Hello! Project activities such as concerts, the special soloist group Nochiura Natsumi with Aya Matsuura and Maki Goto, and the Hello! Project super shuffle unit song "All for One & One for All", sung together with all other soloists and groups within Hello! Project at the time.

In late 2004, there was a plagiarism scandal with some of her essays and poems in her photobooks which were copied off works by other artists, and she took personal leave for three months.
During that time she ceased participation from all H!P-related activities, including Kaori Iida's graduation concert in January 2005.
As a result, an album scheduled for release in early 2005 was canceled. A single named "Nariyamanai Tambourine" that was supposed to be released on January 26, 2005 was also canceled (instead, "Yume Naraba" took its place in April 2005).
She returned in February 2005, and has been participating in Hello! Project activities once again, most notably the Nochiura Natsumi's tour.

Natsumi Abe's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube, Yuko Ogura's movie .
It's "Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko ".
She is really cute!

<Yuko Ogura's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Yuko Ogura(Ogura Yūko?, born November 1, 1983 in Mobara, Chiba) is a Japanese idol and model who typically aims for the cute, innocent schoolgirl look.
In Japan, she is mostly called by her nickname, Yūkorin.

Ogura regularly, if not entirely seriously, claims to be one "Princess Apple-Momoka" of the apple-shaped planet Korin .
This is apparently an in-joke dating back to her middle school days.
Having an alternate name was trendy at one point, and one of her friends told her that she looked like a Momoka.
She liked the name and still uses it today.

She is known outside of Japan for her song "Onna no Ko♥Otoko no Ko (Girls♥Boys)" which is the ending theme of the anime School Rumble.

Yuko Ogura's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From Youtube , Ai Otsuka's video crip.
It's Tokyo Friends .

<Ai Otsuka's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Ai Otsuka ( Ōtsuka Ai?, born September 9, 1982[1]) is a female Japanese pop singer-songwriter and pianist from Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.
She is a popular artist on the avex trax label and is best-known for her 2003 hit Sakuranbo, which stayed in the Top 200 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for 85 weeks.

A piano player since age 4, Otsuka composes and co-produces her songs.
She also writes her own lyrics.
Her music ranges from upbeat catchy pop/rock music that can be heard in tracks like Happy Days and Sakuranbo to touching ballads like Daisuki da yo and Planetarium.

Ai's debut album LOVE PUNCH was released in March 2004 and was a huge success, earning Otsuka nicknames such as "The New Guru of Love".
Her second single called "Sakuranbo" stayed on the Oricon charts for 85 weeks.
Surprisingly, Ai's second album, LOVE JAM, was released only 8 months after her first in November 2004. It debuted at #1.

In other works, Ai has acted in the "Tokyo Friends" drama.
She also has a radio show called "Otsuka Ai ai-r Jack" and has appeared in various CMs.
Furthermore, Otsuka pens column in two Japanese magazines; "Love Column" in Zipper and "Love World ~ Eye Love Pictures" in B-Pass.
Kimi iro Omoi, Otsuka's first photobook, was released on March 1st, 2005.

Ai Otsuka's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube, Maki Goto's movie.
She plays on the water slider.
She is very cute and beautiful!

<Maki Goto's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Maki Goto (Gotō Maki?, born September 23, 1985 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan) is a J-pop singer currently signed to the sublabel Rhythm Zone.
Before joining Avex, she was a soloist of Hello! Project and member of Morning Musume.
She has performed in numerous Hello! Project subgroups such as Petitmoni, Akagumi 4, 7-nin Matsuri, Gomattou and Nochiura Natsumi.

In 1999, Maki Goto was selected as the only member for the 3rd generation of Morning Musume.
Their first single after Goto joined, "Love Machine" sold over a million copies, over nine times the amount of copies they had sold for their previous single.
During her time in Morning Musume she was one of the founding members of Pucchi Moni and she started a solo singing career in 2001 with the single.
Until her graduation from Morning Musume she was one of the leading vocalists in most of the songs released.
Post-graduation she has mostly concentrated on her solo career and occasionally on limited time Hello! Project units such as Gomattou, Nochiura Natsumi, and DEF.DIVA.
As time has passed, she has increasingly concentrated on acting in addition to singing.
She has also performed at the Asia song festival 2005 in Pusan, Korea to represent Japan.

In early 2007, Goto was chosen to be a member of Morning Musume Tanjō 10 Nen Kinentai —a unit created to celebrate Morning Musume's 10th anniversary as a group.
Morning Musume Tanjō 10 Nen Kinentai also consists of Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Risa Niigaki and Koharu Kusumi.
Their single, Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia, was released on January 24, 2007.

Maki Goto's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From Youtube,this is Hikaru Utada's movie.
She is very cute.

<Hikaru Utada's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Hikaru Utada (Utada Hikaru?, born January 19, 1983), also known by her fans is a singer-songwriter, arranger and record producer in Japan.
She is well-known internationally for her two theme song contributions to Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts video game series: "Simple and Clean" and "Sanctuary",

Utada's debut album First Love became the Japan's biggest selling album of all time with over 7.65 million copies sold in Japan alone to date.
The release of her later works only help her reign as one of Japan's top artist, with 3 of her Japanese studio albums being ranked in Top 10 best-selling albums ever in Japan.
She has had 12 #1 hits to date on the Oricon Singles chart, with two notable record achievements for a female solo or group artist: 5 of them being million-sellers and 4 placing in the Top 100 All-Time Best-selling Singles.

Hikaru Utada was born in New York City to Japanese parents with roots in the Japanese music industry.
Her father, Teruzane Utada, was a record producer while her mother, Junko Utada, was an enka singer, performing under the stage name "Keiko Fuji."
Junko Utada’s mother, and Hikaru’s grandmother, was a blind shamisen player (goze).
Utada made her first professional recording at the age of twelve.
She did her recordings with her mother, releasing songs under a band named “U3” (also known as Utada 3) until 1996 when she started her first solo project, "I'll be Stronger."

Hikaru Utada's movie is here
Youtube video is here
Have fun the Christel Takigawa's movie which is from youtube.
She is beautiful TV announcer.

<Christel Takigawa's profile (from Wikipedia)>

Takigawa Lardux Christel Masami (Takigawa Rarudhu Kurisuteru Masami?, born October 1, 1977, Paris), commonly known as Christel Takigawa (Takigawa Kurisuteru?) is a Japanese TV announcer and TV News presenter.
In TV presentation, her name is usually abbreviated as Christel Takigawa.
The four-syllable abbreviation Taki-Kuri is also in popular use among her fans.

Takigawa Lardux Christel Masamiwas born in Paris, France.
Her father is French, and mother is Japanese.
Her family moved to Japan when she was three years old.
After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama High School, she attended the College of Literature in Aoyama Gakuin University.

Christel Takigawa's movie is here
Youtube video is here
From youtube, Aki Hoshino's cute movie!
She wears the various costume.Really cute.

<Aki Hoshino's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Aki Hoshino (Aki Hoshino? born March 14, 1977) is a Japanese bikini idol.
She has appeared in various men's magazines such as Sabra and television shows.

Aki Hoshino has been featured in posters, trading cards, and the following DVDs:

Marriage Life (Dec. 2006)
Koibito Gokko (Oct. 2006)
Finder Love Guide DVD (Sep. 2006)
Gekkan Aki Hoshino Special (Aug. 2006)
Hoshino Expo (July 2006)
Watashi Tonjaimashita (July 2006)
Aki-Time (June 2006)
Girls love live (Apr. 2006)
Portfolio (Jan. 2006)

Aki Hoshino's movie is here
Youtube video is here
This is Maki Horikita's movie from youtube.

<Maki Horikita's profile(from Wikipedia)>

Maki Horikita (Horikita Maki?, born October 6, 1988, in Kiyose, Tokyo) is a Japanese actress.
Maki Horikita started her acting career in 2003 as a U-15 idol and has since starred in a number of Japanese television dramas, TV and magazine ads, and films.

Later in 2003, Horikita started to model for various advertisements and star in TV dramas and films in supporting roles.
Her first photobooks featured her as a mild-themed gravure model.
However, her career in the said modeling field was indeed short-lived since she gradually dropped gravure-themed modeling when she started to get busy with TV appearances.

Her well-known commercials are her advertisements(wherein she appeared alongside Japanese idol Nagase Tomoya) ,(particularly for its sub-brands Ghana and Airs).

Horikita has appeared in numerous men's and teenage magazines, most of them featuring her on the cover.

Maki Horikita's movieis here
Youtube video is here
This is Yuka Kosaka's beautiful movie.
This video crip is quoted from youtube.

<Yuka Kosaka's profile(thanks to Wikipedia)>

Yuka Kosaka (Yuka Kosaka? born June 27, 1985) is a Japanese gravure idol, actress and model.
She was born in Izumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.
She is also known as her nickname "Yuka-chin", and has starred in a number of TV dramas and films.

Yuka made her debut in 2004 after winning the Grand Prix award in Miss Magazine 2004.
After her first DVD "peach" went on sale on March 25, 2004, her DVDs have constantly produced.
Yuka also became a frequent guest on Matthew’s Best Hit TV.
In the fall of 2004, Yuka’s popularity rose when she became the campaign girl for the Japanese convenience store, Circle K Sunkus.
Currently, she belongs in a Japanese entertainment company, A-team, in which a number of Japanese actresses and models are belonged including Aki Hoshino.
Youtube video is here